The Buzzworthy Marketing Show

Search Marketing Demystified: Exploring the Layers and Their Significance for Business Growth

January 09, 2024 Michael Buzinski Season 6 Episode 2
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
Search Marketing Demystified: Exploring the Layers and Their Significance for Business Growth
Show Notes

Welcome to " Buzzworthy Marketing Show," where we dive into all things marketing to help you stay ahead of the game. In today's episode, we're exploring the world of search marketing. Our host breaks down the layers of search marketing, including organic search, local SEO, paid search, and more. He offers a three-step process to help you make informed decisions about your search marketing strategy, focusing on the balance between paid and organic approaches. Plus, he provides resources for both DIY and professional assistance, ensuring that you have the support you need. Stick around as we uncover the purpose of different types of search marketing and how to effectively incorporate them into your marketing mix.

00:00 Various ways to define and utilize search marketing.
03:04 Position zero, voice search, paid search explained.
08:05 Choose paid or organic marketing based on time.
12:57 Tracking is crucial in determining campaign success.
16:06 Complimentary calls to explore search marketing options.
17:43 Free SEO resources available at Dizio Biz.

Primary Topic: Understanding Search Marketing
- Speaker's passion for search marketing
- Different types of search marketing, including organic search, video search, local SEO, paid search, and voice search
- Explanation of each layer of search marketing
Primary Topic: Different Types of Search Marketing
- Overview of organic search and its purpose
- Local SEO and its purpose for local businesses
- Explanation of position zero and its significance
- Introduction to voice search and its relevance
- Detailed breakdown of different types of paid search ads
- Emphasis on the complexity and variety of paid search options
Primary Topic: Making Informed Decisions in Search Marketing
- Importance of weighing paid search against organic search
- Explanation of the time and budget considerations for choosing search marketing tactics
- Comparison of immediate results from paid search vs. delayed gratification from organic search
- Encouragement for potentially pursuing both options
Primary Topic: Implementation of Search Marketing Tactics
- The importance of specificity in selecting search tactics
- Recommendations for conducting research and keyword analysis
- Emphasis on setting up proper tracking for evaluating search marketing performance
- Advice for seeking professional help if overwhelmed or lacking time
Primary Topic: Getting Started with Search Marketing
- Offer of free SEO audit for those inclined towards organic search
- Introduction to a DIY SEO platform for getting started with organic search
- Invitation for a consultation with a professional regarding SEO strategy
- Guidance for those interested in pursuing paid search and recommendation for seeking professional assistance
- Assurance that complimentary consultation calls are comprehensive and not sales-oriented
Primary Topic: Summary and Call to Action
- Reiteration of the purpose and distinction between paid and organic search marketing
- Summary of next steps, including getting SEO audits, seeking professional help, and incorporating search marketing into the marketing mix
- Offer to address any lingering questions and provide direct contact information
- Closing statement and encouragement to stay buzzworthy

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