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Season Five Highlights: A Recap and Season Six Sneak Peek for Buzzworthy Listeners

December 26, 2023 Michael Buzinski Season 5 Episode 13
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
Season Five Highlights: A Recap and Season Six Sneak Peek for Buzzworthy Listeners
Show Notes

In this episode of You Are Buzzworthy's season five, the host recaps the highlights of the past twelve weeks and provides a sneak peek of what's in store for season six. The season featured monologue episodes, as well as insightful interviews with notable guests including Mike Michalowicz and Gino Wickman. Listeners can also look forward to future episodes featuring Mike Michalowicz discussing his new book and a panel of operations experts exploring company optimization. The podcast's name will be changing to The Buzzworthy Marketing Show in season six, reflecting an expansion in focus beyond just marketing. With over 45,000 downloads this season, the host expresses gratitude to the loyal listeners and looks forward to returning with new content in the future.

00:00 2023: tumultuous, condolences, hope for better future
04:00 Excited for book release, secret guest planned.

Primary topic: Recap of Season Five
- Monologue style episodes exclusively
- Guest appearances by Mike McCallowitz and Gino Wickman
- Theme of walking through the three KPIs of the rule of 26
- Announcement of upcoming book "All In" by Mike McCallowitz
- One other secret guest planned for Season Six
- Name change of the show to "The Buzzworthy Marketing Show"
- Podcast's download success, surpassing 45,000 downloads in the season
Primary topic: Condolences and Reflection on 2023
- Acknowledgement of global turmoil and violence
- Recognition of those who have experienced suffering or loss
Primary topic: Preview of Season Six
- Return of Mike McCallowitz to discuss his new book "All In"
- Panel of three operations experts to discuss optimizing company operations
- Name change from "You Are Buzzworthy" to "The Buzzworthy Marketing Show"
Primary topic: Wishes for the New Year
- Wishing listeners a happy holiday season
- Hope for a better year ahead
Primary topic: Call to Action for Listeners
- Encouragement to subscribe to the show
- Announcement of show availability on YouTube and podcast directories

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