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Why Discounts are Bad for Service-Based Businesses

November 28, 2023 Michael Buzinski Season 5 Episode 9
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
Why Discounts are Bad for Service-Based Businesses
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of You Are Buzzworthy! In today's episode, we're diving into the world of discounts and pricing strategies in service-based businesses. Have you ever wondered if offering discounts is truly beneficial or if it actually harms your business in the long run? Well, today's your lucky day because we have all the answers for you. Our host, Buzz, shares his decades of marketing experience and explains why discounting your services may do more harm than good. Through real-life examples and personal anecdotes, Buzz uncovers the illusions of attracting customers through discounts and the negative impact it can have on your brand image. So if you're a service-based business owner or simply interested in effective pricing strategies, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to discover why it's time to stop underpricing your services and start billing what you're truly worth. Stay tuned and stay buzworthy!

00:00 The illusion of discounts in service businesses.
04:21 Costs remain even at discounted rates. Stickiness matters. Opportunity costs impact short-lived customers. Ideal trial periods are 7-14 days.
08:40 Don't discount; premium service maintains brand image.
11:43 Discount cascade led to reputation damage, brand change.
15:58 Enhancing client experience, value, and results.
17:40 Stay buzzworthy, as per usual.

Primary Topic: The Illusions of Attracting More Customers through Discounts
- Discounts are used to attract customers
- Discounts in the service industry may not make sense for businesses doing well
- Examples: gyms and fitness centers offering discounted memberships, subscription-based services with frequent promotions
- Drawbacks of discounting memberships: lack of long-term growth, more wear and tear on equipment, upset loyal customers, less respect for the facility, reduced revenue per member
Primary Topic: The Negative Impact of Discounting on Service-Based Businesses
- Consulting firms offering discounted rates to win clients
- Reasons to avoid discounting: cutting into profits, providing less value, price-sensitive clients expecting more, dealing with high-maintenance bargain hunters
- Difficulty in raising prices after discounting
- Speaker's personal experience with discounting leading to reputation damage and the need for a strategic shift
Primary Topic: The Perceived Value and Brand Image
- Discounting degrades the value of a brand
- Discounting creates three issues: loss of respect, constant demands for more discounts, difficulty in raising prices
- Speaker's experience with discounting leading to a negative brand image and the need for a strategic shift
Primary Topic: Strategies to Avoid Discounting
- Building authority and credibility by speaking more and showcasing expertise
- Adding value through value-added services and bonuses
- Enhancing the client experience to justify premium prices
- Other strategies to bill what you're worth: bundling products and creating exclusivity
- Encouragement to bill what you're worth and avoid discounting
- Promotion of the speaker's book, "The Rule of 26"
Primary Topic: Conclusion and Call to Action
- Reiterating the negative impact of discounting and the need to bill what you're worth
- Encouragement to subscribe to the podcast and stay "buzzworthy"

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