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The Power of LinkedIn: Leveraging Social Media for B2B

November 21, 2023 Michael Buzinski Season 5 Episode 8
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
The Power of LinkedIn: Leveraging Social Media for B2B
Show Notes

Join us as we explore the top reasons why businesses shy away from LinkedIn, from high advertising costs to content saturation and constant solicitation. But fear not, because Speaker A reveals the hidden gems that make LinkedIn a game changer for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies alike.

Discover the unparalleled targeting capabilities of LinkedIn's Premium Sales Navigator feature and how it can revolutionize your organic outreach. Hear about the upcoming algorithm changes that level the playing field for small businesses and enhance your chances of getting noticed.

00:01:35 LinkedIn ads: expensive but highly targeted & effective. Premium Sales Navigator for organic outreach. Content saturation challenge, but algorithm changes may help. Less need for daily posting on LinkedIn.
00:06:45 Be genuine, connect with people, optimize profile.
00:10:40 Tell your story, prove your expertise, continuously refine.
00:12:07 LinkedIn: worth investment, optimize profile, engage, happy.

Primary Topic: The Power of LinkedIn

- LinkedIn as a means to an end, not the center of conversation
- Addressing the naysaying of LinkedIn
- High costs of advertising on LinkedIn compared to other platforms
- Saturation and content overwhelm on LinkedIn
- Constant bombardment of solicitors on LinkedIn
- Access to LinkedIn's user database through Sales Navigator
- LinkedIn's focus on professional networking and industry news
- Quality of posts on LinkedIn
- LinkedIn as a platform for thought leadership and networking
- How to win on LinkedIn

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