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The Ten Disciplines: Unleashing Your True Potential and Making a Lasting Impact

October 31, 2023 Michael Buzinski Season 5 Episode 5
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
The Ten Disciplines: Unleashing Your True Potential and Making a Lasting Impact
Show Notes

Coming up on You Are Buzzworthy, we have a special guest, Gino Wickman, the author of the highly impactful book "Traction." Gino shares his insights on running a business in an efficient and progressive way, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from the discipline of doing business. We also get a sneak peek into Gino's upcoming book on ten disciplines for entrepreneurs, which promises to be a must-read for anyone wanting to maximize their impact and find more peace in their lives. Join us as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship with the incredible Gino Wickman on this episode of You Are Buzzworthy.

00:02:24 Order and summary of books for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Leap, Rocket Fuel, Traction, EOS life, Ten Disciplines.
00:03:37 Ten disciplines shared at EOS conference.
00:08:54 Importance of self-discovery and staying true to oneself; Making decisions based on long-term vision.
00:11:52 Understanding time allows for faster, better results.
00:13:48 Patience leads to faster success in entrepreneurship.
00:18:15 Knowing thyself: from superficial to shedding blocks.
00:22:26 Be still, trauma surfaces in stillness.
00:24:12 Humility: Cherish unknown moments, overcome self-perception.

Primary Topic: Introduction

- Guest introduction: Gino Wickman, author of "Traction"
- Excitement about upcoming book on ten disciplines for entrepreneurs

Primary Topic: The Motivation Behind Writing the Book

- Gino's previous books in order: "Entrepreneurial Leap," "Rocket Fuel," "Traction," "EOS life"
- Ten Disciplines as the next step in helping entrepreneurs maximize their impact and energy
- Origin of the ten disciplines from a talk at an EOS conference

Primary Topic: Overview of the Ten Disciplines

- Discipline 1: Ten Year Thinking
- Discipline 2: Take Time Off
- Discipline 3: Know Thyself
- Discipline 4: Be still
- Discipline 5: Know Your 100%
- Discipline 6: Say No Often
- Discipline 7: Don't Do $25 an Hour Work
- Discipline 8: Prepare Every Night
- Discipline 9: Put Everything in One Place
- Discipline 10: Be Humble

Primary Topic: The Endless Depth of the Disciplines

- Comparison to the limitless nature of emotional intelligence
- The potential for personal growth and self-discovery through practicing the disciplines

Primary Topic: The Importance of Saying No

- Setting boundaries
- The connection between the first five disciplines and the ease of saying no
- Saying no to things that don't align with personal goals and purpose

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