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The Story Behind Storytelling and Marketing

April 26, 2023 Michael Buzinski Season 3 Episode 5
You Are Buzzworthy Podcast
The Story Behind Storytelling and Marketing
Show Notes

Do you believe that marketing and sales is just a numbers game? That if you make enough calls, shake enough hands and send enough emails, the sales will come? Well, you might not be alone, but unfortunately, not right. Yes, marketing and sales are driven and measured by numbers, but they are most certainly not solely made by numbers. 

This has been driven into the spotlight by many great marketing minds like Donald Miller, Eugene Swartz, and the like with iconic books like Story Brand, and Break Through Advertising. To these thought leaders, marketing and advertising are driven by story and I happen to agree with them 100%. But what is the story behind storytelling and marketing? How can we utilize this age-old pastime to drive better results? 

That’s what we are going to uncover today. And to help me unravel the mystery is Tom Ruwitch, a storyteller, business growth catalyst, and content marketing pioneer. In 2001, Tom founded the email marketing software and services company MarketVolt. This was before most businesses had even heard of email marketing. He sold MarketVolt in 2019 and founded Story Power Marketing. Today, he works with coaches, authors, and other experts to power up their stories to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts. And he is joining me today to share some of his secrets.

This week we will cover:
1. Many business people say they don't have an interesting story to tell. How do you respond?
2. I've heard you say, "Storytelling does NOT have to be so complex." What do you mean by that?

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