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Making Sales Fun and Profitable

December 06, 2022 Michael Buzinski Season 1 Episode 23
The Buzzworthy Marketing Show
Making Sales Fun and Profitable
Show Notes

Business Owners are losing money right under their noses.
I would say the majority of entrepreneurs I meet feel that sales is either their weakest link or their least enjoyable part of their business. But we all know that sales is the lifeblood of every business. So what can we do about this phenomenon? Many turn to marketing firms, which help a part of the way in getting traffic, but sales is still left as the weakest link. Then there are those that outsource their sales, but they continually get let down by the overpromising rampant in the industry. So let’s get real on the subject and find ways to stop losing money that is sitting right under your nose.

Joining me today to help with the discussion is Phil Coley, an entrepreneur with a 30-year background in sales and marketing. He got his start selling advertising for a regional newspaper and escalated to consultancy positions with some of the UK`s leading contact centers.

Phil has a degree in sports science, majoring in sports psychology working directly with Olympians, World and European champions across many sports and attended the 1992 Olympic Games.

Questions We Answer In This Episode:

  1. Are traditional sales dead?
  2. How much longer will digital strategies like click funnels going to last?
  3. How to make traditional sales work for you.
  4. Why are people not buying from those with low close rates?
  5. What can you start doing immediately to make sales enjoyable again and start seeing better results?

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